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The Mid School Holiday Wrap

11 April, 2015

So we are half way through the Queensland School Holidays and I have to admit on the outset, it hasn’t been too bad here.  There was one day I complained of lazy children and I was ready to scream my lungs out and grab a tazar…but I sorted that out.  I turned the wifi off .. then suddenly the chores were done.


School Holiday/Work Juggle

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Whilst juggling the old running a business from home and having the kids tearing through announcing they have just discovered more baby guinea pigs is somewhat of a challenge, it is actually quite a delight.  I did have a big ‘what the fuck have I done’ day early in the week.  Meaning that one day into my permanent job resignation I was panicking that I may have just placed my family in a terrible financial situation.  And maybe I have.  But what happened that afternoon squared it for me.  As I was working away on my laptop, Lil D asked to sit on my lap and after he clambered up he said this..

‘Mummy I love you being home.’

It was a funny thing for him to say really, as I have been home with him for the past 4 months recovering from the car accident.  I was speechless and almost in tears as he helped me tap away something on the keyboard.  Within a minute he was gone again, checking on his baby guinea pigs.

I don’t think I will ever regret the choosing of the little people I created over a thankless job. Ever.  Even on days when we may need to budget hard to afford everything.

But then again, my little business might kick off and the dream will be complete.  Who knows what life has install and it is nice to know that I have taken the power back on it..finally.

Guinea Pigs


This week our two Lady Piggies gave birth.  One to 4 little bubbas and the other to only 3.  Sadly, I don’t think one will make it through tonight.  I have tried all week to keep him going with supplement feeds and lots of love .. but he isn’t improving.  Makes me really darn sad it does.

The other 6 however, are doing laps of the cage and establishing their own ranks in the hutch.  In about a month or so .. if you find yourself longing for a guinea pig.  Drop me a line.  Best darn guinea pigs this side of the Equator.  Promise.



Whip Cracking


Did you know that Whip Cracking is actually a sport in my parts?

Well my girls are die hard whip crackers and they had the opportunity to go and spend two days learning from the Crack Up Sisters.  I was not surprised at all with the filthy clothes they came home with, as whip cracking the Crack Up Sisters style means some crazy acrobats alongside whip cracking.  Honestly, if you have a chance to get your kids into whip cracking.  Just do it.  I bawl my eyes out every time I see them practicing in the back yard or performing.  So proud.  Being a Ballet Mum has nothing on being a Whip Cracking Mum, I can tell you.



Now back when I was a busy work outside the house Mum, I rarely noticed a sunset.  I think I was still in wind down mode from the day at work and I simply didn’t even take the time to look.  This week however, I think I have seen almost every single one.  They have been rather spectacular out here and I have promised myself to stop more and notice them.



QD often jokes I have Peanut Silos in my front yard.  And I sort of do.  But I love it.

Drive Safe

I have decided I want to talk more about driving safe around the MMM parts.  It is something that has been on my mind since last November and I just cannot sit on it any longer.

Now, whilst our vehicles might be equipped with some the best safety features, a moments distraction on the road can change your life and those of other road users.  I know this, I live with it every single day.  And it hurts.  Physically and emotionally.  I feel like I live on replay most days trying to figure out how the other driver didn’t see me that morning.  I will never work it out I know but I am still tormented.

Tonight I asked on the MMM Facebook page  where everyone keeps their mobile phones whilst driving.  This would have to be one of the biggest distractions whilst behind the wheel don’t you think?

I used to keep my mobile in the centre console of the car.  Not that I ever checked it whilst driving, but I did often hear it beep and that alone would have me wondering who was messaging me and my attention drifted.

I now turn my phone to mute before I get behind the wheel.  I also leave it in my handbag on the passenger side floor.  My playlists are perfect so I rarely even flick the button on my steering wheel to another song.

So can I ask you to put your phone far out of reach before you get behind the wheel?

Can I ask you to also, message anyone that you maybe in conversation with and let them know you are about to be driving so you won’t be able to respond?

I know we have no control over the concentration of another driver, but we do have control over our own driving and the message we send to our kids that are sitting in the back.

Do we really want them thinking it is ok to access our phones whilst driving?

Just a thought hey. #drivesafe

Anyway .. back to the rest of the school holidays.

May you have loads of fun, a fair amount of peace and little bits of quiet here and there to keep you sane.





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  • Vanessa12 April, 2015 at 8:59 am

    I was once fired for not answering my phone while driving. I say fuck them.
    Vanessa recently posted…If I Was To Run A Diet ScamMy Profile

    • Gayel Stewart-Airs12 April, 2015 at 12:22 pm

      Fuck them alright! That is a disgusting reason to be fired.

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