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The Secret To Finding Their Currency Checklist

28 April, 2014
The Secret To Finding

I personally struggle a little with disciplining my kids. I don’t believe in smacking and can generally be a bit of a softie. The softie bit makes Mr MMM shake his head every single day, as I take the full responsibility for disciplining my daughters from my previous marriage.

I do believe in removing privileges for undesirable actions and behaviours though.

The problem is, in the heat of the moment, I often can’t think fast enough to throw out a discipline that registers on the decent punishment ricter scale.   (you know the one that stops the little monkey’s in their tracks and has them re-thinking their actions pronto.)

I am learning fast though and have come to the conclusion that one must always be on the look out for her kids ‘CURRENCY’.

My kids currency at the moment is their humble iPods.

Miss M loves her music and Miss I loves to play Words With Friends with me.

To have their iPods confiscated may initially not seem like such a great punishment, as they take off outside and play.


Give it a few hours or as long as a day or two and the complaints start coming forth wanting iPod rights returned.

A gentle reminder as to why iPod rights have been revoked is usually enough to stop the complaining and accept that the much loved item will be returned at the end of the given period/punishment.

Now, this all works well and good until the much loved child/ren changes his/her ‘CURRENCY’.

This can slip under the nose of me without even a murmur and BANG I am up shits creek without a paddle.  I am pretty certain you know my pains here.

So my fellow Mum’s, let me share with you my secret formulation for finding your own Child’s ‘CURRENCY’.

Now that sounded all posh and authoritative on the matter didn’t it?

It isn’t.

Basically, use this check list.



The Secret To Finding Their Currency Checklist

By ticking one item, you have yourself some ‘CURRENCY’.

By ticking more than one you have yourself a fricken loot bag and this is ultimate in never running out of ‘CURRENCY’.

(NB. Consistent approach to seeking out currencies must be maintained for the loot bag to be successful)


IF IT IS A CURRENT TREND – you have some currency.  (loom bands BEGONE)


IF IT IS TECHNOLOGY – you have some currency.




IF IT HAS FOUR LEGS, A MANE AND WHINNEYS – you have some currency (with your tween-teen girl)


IF IT HAS A MOTOR – you have some currency (boys mainly)


IF IT INVOLVES PHYSICAL $$$’S AS IN POCKET MONEY – you have some currency (and maybe some coffee money for the week)


So I hope this helps.  I should of made this checklist into a fancy little free printable, but that could mean our little secret potentially can leak out to our loyal subjects aka children AND I am knackered with it being Monday and all.

Can’t have that can we..?  Just book mark this page and visit back hey?

If you have anymore items for the checklist.  Please list in comments.  I would love some inspiration.




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