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The Snide Christmas Guide ~ For Him

20 November, 2015


First off the ranks in my very special Christmas Gift Guide For Him is something for the hipsters.  You know the one’s with the beards.  Initially I was giving the Black Coffee a big head nod but then I saw the Bushranger !  Now that sounds like the sort of scent you want on ya bearded man. Bit of excitement maybe? As long as it isn’t the scent of 2 weeks in the bush, dead possum sort of smell.

Order from the very awesome Reid Beard Oil on Etsy.


Another pearler from Etsy.  Activated Charcoal Soap.

I know very little about this product but at a guess I would think it might reduce any pong.

Perfect for that smelly partner.

Available from Right Soap.


Now this is utter class for the man that always has dry/cracking lips. Rum & Coke lip balm.


From Blue Poppy Bath


For the man who likes to bait is own hook.

The fisherman in your life.

From JandAWares


And last but not least .. What Would MacGyver Do?

From Teebirds

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