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The Uncomplicated Sarnie

25 October, 2013

FORWARD : If you are a health freak or nutritionist, please look the other way OR click here.

The Uncomplicated Sarnie is not for those that prefer to pack as much nutrition as possible into every bite.

The Uncomplicated Sarnie is also not for those that must have sumptuous looking food. Quiet simply the U.S just isn’t meant to look that fabulous. It isn’t about all that.

What is an uncomplicated Sarnie you ask?

Well it is a sandwhich that only has one ingredient on it other than maybe a sliver of butter.

Bread must be fresh too.

In my opinion the greatest enjoyment comes from just tasting one flavour on my sandwich and having it take under a minute to make.

The Uncomplicated Sarnie has been in my life forever. My Mum used to pack them in my school lunch almost everyday.

Other kids would glance sideways at me, as I munched down my U.S with the greatest of joy.

So Here Are My Favourite Uncomplicated Sandwiches.

Sliced Apple

Beetroot (canned is more than fine!)

Grated carrot

Cheese (Swiss yum yum!)

Mashed banana

Creamed corn

Sliced ham




Baked Beans


Canned spaghetti


Potato chips. Eeekk I know. But oh sooooo yum.

I don’t rate any one type of U.S more than another. I love them all. Why? Because they are are delicious and made in under a minute! Uncomplicated I tell ya.

So off you go. I challenge you to go the uncomplicated Sarnie even for just a day.

20131023-215928.jpg Beetroot Uncomplicated Sarnie – Looks dodgy I know… But trust me. Tis good!

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