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Fruit Water : The Thirst Quenching Alternative

31 December, 2013

I am not big on sweetened drinks and thankfully neither are my kids.

When summer hit with a bang these school holidays, I noticed the kids not drinking as much water.  We were away on holidays at the time and they were complaining the drinking water tasted funny.  (We have rain water at home and once you become used to that it is hard to change water)

Resisting the urge to go and buy a bottle of juice or cordial to disguise the taste, I grabbed a couple of limes instead.  I chopped them up and threw them into everyone’s water bottles. Fruit Water!  The kids loved it.  Even I found myself drinking more water.

This little hack stopped us spending money on expensive bottled water or flavoured drinks and the kids started drinking litres of the stuff.

Today, I have thrown together more Fruit Water in glass bottles in the refrigerator.  I think glass bottles hold the flavour better.  Look out for them in your local cheap shop.

Frozen fruit works really well too.  So if you find you have an oversupply at any stage, just cut it up and throw it in the freezer.  Place in your water bottles as you need.  Instant chilled fruit water.

Be adventurous with your fruit flavours.  My favourite right now is watermelon and rosemary but cucumber and mint follows closely behind.  Then of course there is lime and ginger ….

You can reuse the fruit a few times to just by refilling your bottle with more water.  It really is such a simple way to increase your water supply and add some vitamins into your diet at the same time!






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  • Renee28 September, 2014 at 4:33 pm

    Our kids are the same . They won’t drink tap water. It’s water or milk in this house, or occasionally juice that i make myself, I haven’t made fruit water in ages , thanks for the reminder

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