Thirsty Thursday – Warning Whinge Content

22 November, 2012

Yah! It is Thursday. [insert sarcasm]

My least favourite day of the week. I guess you are wondering why? It is only one more sleep until Friday and all.

Well Thursdays are my first day off from work and the day I need to just resign myself to having to sit on the couch all day with the milk bar open. (I don’t sit still well…)

Thing is I don’t resign myself to this. Every Thursday I have my mental list of things I need to do and get up half asleep from feeding on and off all night and attempt to attack the day with gusto.

There is washing, vacuuming, mopping, sheets to change, grocery shopping to do, bills to pay,appointments to have the list goes on.

However the little boy that is an angel for his daycare mum during the earlier part of the week morphs into a Bop Monster (Bop is his word for Boob) and chases me around the house/public venue screaming BOP BOP.

Now don’t get me wrong here. I don’t mind feeding him. I am a huge advocate for breastfeeding beyond 12 months. It really is a lovely experience for Mum and Child…not mentioning the health benefits.

This isn’t reflux either…it is his ADDICTION.

So every Thursday I aim for boundaries, like breakfast,lunch and dinner. This all day shit has got to stop. Oh yes and the all night bit too would be noice.

So it goes like this.

I attempt to say ermmm…. put a load of washing on.

Bop Boy is distracted playing.

Minutes later he pauses…

looks around…

Notices his Bops have removed themselves from his sight and the screaming begins.


Separation anxiety much? Separation anxiety from me or The Bops?? I do believe it is The Bops.

So Thursdays are generally spent attempting to distract Bop Boy from his obsession but inevitably is spent on the couch feeding because I am buggered from night time feeds and 3 days of work.

Now add this element to the equation….

Everyone else in the house seems to be tired and grumpy too. Grrrrr.

So my new take on Thursdays involves no expectations until Bop Boy gives up on his obsession.. Cause he is gorgeous and all.

Hopefully this will be prior to him leaving home for good cause I have shit to achieve in life that does not involve this bloody couch!

Until then…I will practice my pelvic floor exercises .. Because this sign scares the hell out of me..

Whinge complete…as you were…as you were.

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