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Toby’s Top 4 Money Tips To Be Ready For This Summer

1 October, 2014
toby's top 4money tips

Summer is almost here! Yes!!

Wow, I feel like I’ve been waiting all year!


Want to smash summer this year? Want to go hard like a toddler on a bag of mixed lollies?

Perhaps it would be a great idea to save up some money and give this summer the ride of it’s life!

Here are my Top 4 Money Tips to get your savings going.

1. Budget

Oh groan.. hehehe

Come on now, budgets are a good thing. Budgets are sexy! Ok, maybe that’s me (I do love a good Excel Spreadsheet). But budgeting yourself will seriously help you out.

You don’t have to get into anything fancy. You can just keep it simple.

Set yourself the goal to save a solid number of dollars each week.

Think about an attainable sum of money (say $100) to put into a Summer Savings account each week.

2. Stop Over Spending

It will be hard to save x amount of money each week if you are over spending.

Think about it this way, you are only cheating yourself of fun by not saving. Sure, that fancy restaurant might seem appealing one night. Stay away!

Or, them fancy shoes made by that Italian designer who’s name is too hard to pronounce. Halt! Stop!

Over spend and have less money to treat yourself and your family to a great holiday or fantastic weekends of mischief.

3. Be Scrupulous

Scrupulous is a much better word to use than tight arse. I didn’t want to say tight arse in case tight arse doesn’t get past the editing sensors (Hi Gayel! *waves*).

This leads back to over spending, but it’s all about going for the cheaper option.

Buy foods in bulk and on sale.

Limit going out to the fancy shops and restaurants.

Temporarily cancel certain subscriptions (eg magazines, Pay TV)

The ideas are endless.

4. Look Forward to it

The goal of trying to have your best Summer ever is great incentive for you to actually do it.

Look forward to having a blast.

Write down all the things that you could do! Include the people that you want to do things with also. They too will help keep you on your toes to save some dollars.


So get cracking and good luck for making this Summer one of your best!

What tips do you have? Would love to hear your feedback.



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  • ann1 October, 2014 at 7:24 pm

    October is Buy Nothing New Month however I do the bulk of my chrissy shopping this time every year as we don’t have any mega bills in October. I also do it to avoid the madness of the shops!!
    Love your work Toby!!
    ann recently posted…Even more positive motivationals!!My Profile

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