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Where’s The Easter Bunny? By Louis Shea [BOOK REVIEW]

19 March, 2015

Where’s The Easter Bunny ?  by Louis Shea is a funny look-and-find book which has taken every single person in our family  on an adventure through the Easter Bunny’s Magical Burrow and all the strange worlds along the way.

To suggest D Man is slightly obsessed with this book in the Where’s Wally sense is to say the least.  He carries it around begging anyone and everyone to read it with him.  Which is sweet and seeing everyone in this house bar him knows about the real secret of big EB, we are gracefully entertaining him.

As this story goes, the Easter Bunny accidentally tumbles down the magical burrow and now no-one knows where he is!  As they journey through strange and wonderful worlds, you can help the bunnies find him and get back in time to deliver the eggs for Easter?  But look out for the very hungry Foxy, who is always lurking close by!!

With out of this world places like Monster Marsh, Lollipop Lane and The Mars Mine, each world has a unique list of things to find along the way.


Age : 5+ (but our almost 4 year old enjoyed this book and happily read and counted along with the things to find)

RRP : A$16.99


ISBN : 978 1 743626375


NB. We were gifted a copy of this book from Scholastic for review.



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